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James Newton Clay

James Newton is a San Francisco Bay Area clay artist who works from his studio in the Berkeley Hills. He began creating forms in clay as a high school student, and continues to develop his skills, styles, and passion for this art.

James' work ranges from functional pottery to sculptural objects; any of which might be pit fired, raku fired, salt or soda fired, high fired cone 10 reduction or mid range electric fired cone 6 oxidation.

In addition to producing original ceramics, James has taught ceramics classes throughout the Bay Area for over 20 years and is currently teaching at the Walnut Creek Civic Arts studio. James has found the interaction with students to be a stimulating and thought-provoking balance to his hours of independent, quietly intense work.

Semiannually, for the past 18 years, James opens his Berkeley Hills studio over several weekends in July and November. His newest styles, glazes, and finishes are presented and displayed throughout his home studio. Please visit the studio sales page to subscribe and keep up to date on all the open houses!

James Newton Studio
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